Batting Cages

Sonny’s turns practice swings into home runs of fun
Whether you are a serious ballplayer or just want to take a few swings to see what you’ve got, Sonny’s Batting Cages are one of our most popular attractions. We have 5 Batting Cages, each equipped for softball and baseball to allow batters of all ages and skill levels to safely enjoy themselves — and maybe dream of being a Big Leaguer!

Take a few swings, or take your time
For dedicated players, the Batting Cages can be rented for a half hour or hour. Or if you are just in the mood to swing for the fences, purchase a few pitches using tokens or our Sonny Moni Fun Card. You control the level of difficulty, so you can have a challenge or just a few laughs.

The cages are fully lit for evening/night use. Batter up!

Baseball: 70mph, 60mph, 50mph, 40mph
Softball: 60mph, 50mph, 40mph, slow pitch

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