Sonny’s Pavilion

It’s what you might call party central
All of us at Sonny’s Place are very proud of our newly constructed Pavilion because it gives us an even better way to accommodate large gatherings — and bringing people together for fun is what Sonny’s is all about! The Pavilion can comfortably accommodate groups up to 500+ people, giving you and all your family or friends the chance to stay gathered together in the shade to enjoy one another’s company.

All the amenities you could ask for
Sonny’s Pavilion has a full bar available for group events. If a few adults want to take it easy while the kids enjoy all of Sonny’s games and attractions, there are three HD screens to take in a game or a movie. Booking your group outing at the Pavilion also gives you access to some recreational games available only to group outing guests; these include volleyball and horseshoes.

Sonny’s Pavilion is ready to make your next company or family outing the highlight of your summer!

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