Batting Cages at Sonny’s Place in Somers, CT



Few sports are as family-friendly and suitable for all ages as baseball. Long known as the great American pastime, baseball is a sport that you can enjoy whether you are a complete novice or a long-time player. If you live nearby Somers, CT, or are just passing through, swing by Sonny’s Place to enjoy some batting practice at the Sonny’s Place batting cages.

Sonny’s Turns Practice Swings Into Home Runs of Fun

Did you play baseball in your youth and want to see if you still have what it takes to hit it out of the park? Or do you want to introduce your little one to the game in a fun and controlled way? Whether you are a serious ballplayer or just want to take a few swings to see what you’ve got, Sonny’s Batting Cages are one of our most popular attractions.

We have 5 Batting Cages, each equipped for softball and baseball to allow batters of all ages and skill levels to enjoy themselves safely — and maybe dream of being a Big Leaguer! If it’s your first time at the cages, you can start with a light practice by choosing a slow-pitch softball machine and then work your way up to the most challenging option once you’re comfortable. If you are familiar with batting cages or already know how to hit from actually playing the game, feel free to jump right into one of our more advanced options, such as the 70 mph baseball machine.

Take a Few Swings, Or Take Your Time

One of the best parts about the baseball batting cages at Sonny’s Place is that there’s more to do beyond practicing your swing. With so much to do at the amusement park, you may not want to commit all of your time to the cages, and that’s ok! Once you enter the area, you have the choice to try your hand at a few pitches and then move along to the amusement park, or you can rent out one of the cages for a longer session for you and your friends.

The staff at Sonny’s Place knows you’re there to have a good time and maybe engage in some healthy competition, so they can help you get set up with the information you need to have a great time alone or with your group. Dedicated players can rent the batting cages for a half-hour to an hour. Or, if you are just in the mood to swing for the fences, purchase a few pitches using tokens or our Sonny Moni Fun Card. You control the level of difficulty so that you can have a challenge or just a few laughs.

Baseball Batting Cages at Sonny’s Place

Like all Sonny’s Place activities, the goal is to have the most fun possible while still staying safe. That’s why we built the batting cages with guest safety in mind. Helmets are available to protect your head while you swing and accommodate both children and adults. The batting cages are constructed with safety netting, so a fly ball doesn’t ruin the day of an unsuspecting guest. The staff provides information about the process, including where it is safe to stand and how many pitches are included in each session, so you know what to expect. As a bonus, you can keep hitting well into the night since the cages are fully lit for evening/night use. Batter up!

Baseball: 70mph, 60mph, 50mph, 40mph
Softball: 60mph, 50mph, 40mph, slow pitch

Visit the Sonny’s Place Batting Cages Today!

Somers, CT, area residents already know that Sonny’s Place is the place to come for a great time, but if you’re a visitor, you may not know everything this iconic amusement park has to offer. Whether young or old, with coworkers or with your family, Sonny’s has something to offer everyone who visits. Contact Sonny’s Place today to learn more about the batting cages or any other attraction at the park. You can also reach out by calling (860) 763-5454.