Laser Tag by Lasertron

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Ready, aim, have a blast!

Choose your weapon and defend your base in this multi-level challenge

The moment you step into this state of the art arena the adrenaline starts pumping! You’ll defend yourself and your team’s base against the opposing team, as you duck in and out of obstacles and hiding spots. Take aim and head up the ramps that lead you to the second level.

Now, this is team building at its best!

Show your work team that you’ve really got their back, while you show them your laser target skills! Whether you play with friends, family, or pick up a team on-site, Laser Tag at Sonny’s is a real blast!

It’s indoor fun all year long. So bring the whole gang.


Players must be 47” or taller to play without a parent present.
Players must be 42″ or taller to play with a parent present.  For players between 42″ and 47″ a parent must be playing in the same game.


Players must be registered at least 5 minutes before the start of their session:
All Operating Days: Every hour on the :15 after.  Last session 45 minutes prior to close.

Our Games

Based on the number of registered participants.  No private sessions:

Solo Free-For-All: The simplest laser tag game.  Every person for themselves!  The objective for this game is to be the highest-scoring player!  This game is typically played when 5 or fewer players are registered.
Team Free-For-All: The object of this game is to score more points than the opposing team.  In this game, players have unlimited pulses and energy units.  Bases are not used in this game.  This game is only available upon request.
Team Base Recharge Game: The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team.  This is accomplished by tagging opposing players and their bases (worth more points).  Players are given a limited number of laser pulses and energy units and must recharge when they run out.  This game also gives players the ability to choose special power-ups that will immediately activate their vests with special abilities!  This is not the laser tag game you grew up with!  This game is played whenever there are 6 or more players in the arena.

*Players will be briefed with rules, equipment instruction, and game format at the beginning of each session.


$15 per session (Approximately 45 minutes, see below)
*Each session includes approximately 15 minutes of briefing (game size and type dependent) & approximately 30 minutes in the arena (4) 6-minute games played.