Monkey Motion at Sonny’s Place!





Jump and flip and twist and bounce —

bananas not included

Monkey Motion takes all the fun of a trampoline and the excitement of bungee jumping and puts it together in a thoroughly safe, expertly designed attraction. In this day and age of video games, it’s great to let kids get the sensation of flying for real, all while getting some great exercise. Boys and girls alike will love “going ape” and seeing who can bounce up the highest — up to 18 feet in the air!

Smiles, guaranteed

Since we opened Monkey Motion, we haven’t seen a single kid finish their session without a smile on their face. Monkey Motion can safely accommodate kids up to 250 lbs, so even your teens will have a reason to smile! (And there’s no reason adventurous adults can’t give it a try.)

Like all our attractions, you can pay using our Sonny’s Moni Card, which can include bonus money when purchased in certain denominations.

*This attraction closes 1 hour prior to park closing*