FAQs about Games & Attractions


What happens if it rains?

As a mainly seasonal attraction (the arcade is open on weekends year-round), the majority of our attractions are outdoors without protection from the elements. Sonny’s Place reserves the right to determine access to games/attractions based on the threat of severe weather, such as lightning or hail. We all know that New England summers can have rainstorms that pass over in a matter of an hour or even minutes. We are careful only to re-open attractions once we are sure they are safe; some may take longer to re-open after inclement weather than others. Check our Web site before planning your visit if the weather that day makes you uncertain if all attractions will be open, or call us at 860-763-5454.

What ages of children does Sonny’s offer attractions for?

As a family business, Sonny’s is dedicated to providing a safe and fun atmosphere for guests of all ages. Some of our attractions require that the adult(s) in charge make a judgment about whether an attraction is suitable for children in their party (for instance, the Batting Cages).

What attractions have specific requirements?

Monkey Motion / Rock Wall: maximum weight 250 lbs.

Gyroscope: maximum weight 225 lbs.

Go Karts: Drivers of single-person Go Karts must be at least 10 years old and 54″ tall. Drivers of two-person Go Karts must be at least 16 years old; passengers must be a minimum of 4 years old and 36″ tall.

Laser Tag: Players must be 47″ or taller

Is Sonny’s Place handicap accessible?

All our facilities comply with ADA regulations for accessibility. Depending on the physical abilities of each individual, certain attractions (e.g., Monkey Motion, Climbing Wall) may not be suitable for everyone. If you have particular questions about certain games/attractions and a member of your party’s physical abilities, please call us: 860-763-5454.

Can I Relax While My Kids Play?

Of course! The attractions at Sonny’s Place are suitable for kids and adults, but if you’d prefer to relax while your kids play, Sonny’s Pavilion offers a great menu of food and drinks, 3 HD screens where you can watch movies, games, and your favorite shows, and free wifi to keep you busy.