5 Reasons Late Night Laser Tag is a Must-Do












Laser tag is awesome!

Seriously, what’s not to like about it? It’s fun & it’s good exercise. Laser tag gets your adrenaline flowing and lets you experience the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of implementing a successful strategy, and the joy of victory!

There’s only one thing more fun than an afternoon spent wholly engrossed in a game of laser tag.

It’s laser tag at night.

We’ve put together a pretty convincing playbook of reasons laser tag at night is awesome and something you need to Sharpie into your calendar immediately. Check them out:

1.  It’s adult only.

We can’t deny it; it’s fun to play laser tag as a family outing.

However, here’s the thing: sometimes, some parents have this feeling of guilt over beating (or perhaps even annihilating) their children in games or other feats of skill. And, even if you’re the kind of parent who doesn’t believe in going easy on your kids, it’s also hard to retain your parenting dignity when you just can’t restrain yourself from shouting “BOO-YA!” in your kid’s face.

With adult-only laser tag nights, you don’t have to worry about anybody’s feelings or whether they need to take a bathroom break. You don’t have to stop playing just because they’re ready to check out the arcade (which, okay, is awesome in its own right).

On adults-only laser tag nights, you can just run around and blast things to your heart’s content. No one’s going to judge your parenting skills for it, either, although your spouse or significant other may not look too kindly upon any too-obnoxious victory celebrations aimed in their direction.

2.  You can drink.

You don’t have to drink to have a good time, of course.

However, if you do want to loosen up a little before heading into a laser tag battle, or if you feel some creeping inhibitions keeping you from going all out on a challenge, you may enjoy the ability to have an adult beverage before heading into an adult match.

At late night laser tag, there’s bar access so you can enjoy some light refreshments during your evening out. Oh, and once you’ve worked up an appetite, there’s also a pizza and wing buffet available so you can maximize your time playing while still enjoying a delicious dinner.

3.  It’s a great bonding activity.

We all have busy schedules and can often neglect to schedule time with friends, instead, vicariously retaining the friendship through Facebook comments and Instagram likes. Late-night laser tag can be a great opportunity to get together with some friends that you don’t see often, but whose company you enjoy.

And, laser tag can work for all types of groups.

Depending on your company and workforce, it can be a fun team-building option to get your employees out of the office and socializing together. In fact, it’s a popular reward for teams who meet sales or performance goals and whose managers want to reward them.

Other groups that are custom-made for laser tag outings include bachelor and bachelorette parties. A laser tag night is a great way to enjoy spending time together, laughing, bonding and creating new memories.

4.  It gets you away from your phone/TV for a few hours.

Don’t get us wrong; we enjoy a good streaming binge as much as the next person.

However, we don’t always want the availability of great TV programming to keep up from having fun in the real world. How many times have you briefly considered going out to do something fun, then decided, “No, thanks, I’ll just watch reruns of The Office instead?”

Participating in late-night laser tag means a full night spent running, climbing, dodging and being physically and mentally active, rather than spent in front of a screen. We think that’s a worthwhile trade; and, all that physical activity also balances out any of the extra carbs you might take in from the available pizza and beer.

5.  It’s a think-outside-the-box date night.

Trying to shake your relationship out of the usual routine? Research shows that couples who do new things together are happier.

Trying something fun and unexpected, like an evening of laser tag fun, certainly fits the bill. It’s more fun than a traditional restaurant and more interactive than sitting together quietly in a dark movie theatre.

And, just to get a little scientific about this, both exercise and doing new things together boost the hormones that increase bonding and care for one another, which is always a good thing in a relationship.

Again, just make sure you don’t erase any goodwill you’ve built up by being obnoxious about your victory – nobody likes a sore winner, especially on date night!

If you’re still not convinced that late-night laser tag is the perfect evening activity to add to your calendar, just come and check it out for yourself. Sonny’s Place is offering several late-night laser tag evenings this winter. Admission to late-night laser tag includes a full slate of additional perks, including virtual reality gameplay; unlimited video gameplay; pizza and wings; live music and a lot of fun.