Graduation Party Anyone?

Graduation is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. It’s a time to be proud of one of the biggest life accomplishments so far. Completing high school is a cause for celebration, but social distancing is putting large, in-person gatherings on hold for now. In the meantime, there are ways to celebrate and recognize this milestone while still staying safe and keeping others safe. The face of the graduation party may be changed temporarily, but that does not lessen the accomplishment.

Video Parties

Social distancing video chats have become the new standard for connecting with friends and peers. If you want to celebrate your Senior with a video party, you can plan a date and time for friends and family to attend. Themed parties can have music and costume choices that make the event fun and exciting. Planning a virtual party can involve some of the same elements as an in-person party, including a schedule of events, playlist, and dress code. You can even choose a food theme and ask guests to participate with their own food selections within the theme, then enjoy them together virtually.

Video Compilations

A slideshow tribute to graduates is a longstanding tradition, but with social distancing, this tradition can take a twist. Instead of only including pictures from your graduate’s childhood and important life events, you can add in video messages from friends and family who are unable to be near at this time. Messages of congratulations and support intertwined into a video celebrating your senior’s accomplishment will make a present that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Themed Photo Sessions

Another treasured keepsake to consider is a photoshoot inside the home or on the property that highlights both the accomplishment of graduating and the unique qualities of living through this trying time. Along with traditional graduation pictures, you can include some stylized photos that show the difficulties of social distancing and the challenges of the new routine. Consider including pictures of the senior doing a video chat or a front porch photo session. Some creative individuals have used a mask and gloves in an artistic way to highlight this historically significant time.

Gift Lists and Reveals

Many friends and relatives will still want to buy graduation gifts for your senior but are unable to go shopping at in-person retail stores while they are shut down. It can be helpful to create an online wish list to make online shopping easier. When gifts arrive, schedule a video chat so the gift giver can enjoy the recipient’s reaction when the gift is opened. Another idea is to develop a scavenger hunt around your property so your graduate can figure out the location of the gifts with the bonus of having a fun game night.

Fellow Graduate Support

Sometimes the best way to celebrate an accomplishment is to recognize the hard work others also put in to succeed. Encourage your graduate to support other seniors that are experiencing the same difficulties. Do a drive-by congratulations parade with balloons, car chalk, and signs or record a video message to surprise a fellow graduate. Have your child brainstorm ideas with other seniors to see if they can come up with another unique and creative way to celebrate.

Future Graduation Parties

After restrictions are lifted on restaurants and other places of business, schedule a delayed in-person graduation event for your senior. The celebration will be even more special when friends are finally able to spend time together. Sonny’s Place is the perfect venue for a graduation party or any other celebratory gathering. Contact Sonny’s Place to find out more about our services and plan a visit after we are able to reopen.