How to Make a Winter Birthday Party Special

Parents of kids with winter birthdays have to work extra hard to make these birthdays feel as special as the ones we celebrate in warmer months!

Birthday celebrations, especially in December and January, can get easily lost amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Between school concerts, office parties and all the errand running and holiday hoopla —  it takes some planning to make your cold-month birthdays extra special.


As a parent, it can be difficult to carve out time for those special moments when the season is so hectic, but you know you still want to give each of your children those moments when they feel special and uniquely loved.

We could all use a little help so we’ve put together a few tips for planning magical winter birthday parties that will make your kid feel celebrated!

When it comes to gifts, single out your birthday kid.

A team member who celebrates a Christmas Day birthday shared some of her family’s techniques for making her feel special amid all the festivities.

One of the smallest things that made the biggest difference to her was gift wrap. Her family didn’t combine her presents so that she ended up missing out on birthday fun; instead, her birthday gifts were held separately and wrapped with bright, festive birthday paper instead of snowmen and Santa Clauses.

“It’s not easy sharing the most famous birthday of the year,” she said. “But my family really tried to give me a distinct opportunity to celebrate. Combined with letting me have a separate celebration with friends a few weeks after the holiday, I rarely felt overlooked or overshadowed.”

Celebrate early or late.

If you’re afraid that your kids won’t have good attendance at their party because of the timing (when schools are on break and friends are traveling to see grandparents, winter birthday party attendance can be sparse), let them pick their own birthday.

For example, if you have a child with a birthday on December 18, have a small family celebration on that day and book a party venue for a get-together with friends one month later for their “official” celebration. It’ll be far enough past the holiday that everyone will be eager for something new and fun to do, and, on the practical side, it’ll give you a chance to spread out your seasonal spending as well, and will give you the chance to make the day of the birthday special.

If you’ve picked a venue like Sonny’s Place for the party, you might consider doing a “preview” on your child’s actual birthday. Having a family-only round of bowling might be a great way to celebrate together!

Give them room to have fun.

Winter makes us all stir-crazy and the last thing anyone wants to do is feed a bunch of kids heaping helpings of sugar, and worry they don’t knock over the Christmas tree during an at-home party.

You need to plan winter birthday celebrations somewhere that’s indoors, so you don’t have to pack up and make a last-minute inclement weather move, but you need an indoor space that gives them room to burn off all that cake and candy and boundless energy.

We love laser tag for winter birthdays because it’s just so much fun to run, strategize and build that teamwork spirit between your party guests. Our  7,000 square foot arcade and antique carousel are winners for party guests of all ages.

Make it easy on yourself.

Okay, parents, let’s be real here, you don’t need to add icing birthday cupcakes to your winter must-do list. Instead, just make it easy on yourself and have your party somewhere where it’s all taken care of for you.

Letting your venue handle food prep and party decor can reduce the stress of planning so much.

Pizza and cake are perennial party favorites and are included with birthday celebration packages at Sonny’s Place; if you’re looking to add some adult-friendly bites or a little extra to snack on, there’s also a full range of goodies available, including onion rings, veggie platters and more.

Just picture yourself actually enjoying the party, instead of hustling to clean up and keep snacks and drinks refilled. You might even have a minute to sip on your own mug of coffee and chat with the other parents for a minute or two!

Winter birthdays shouldn’t be a source of anxiety; let’s get back to making them what they should be – a cause for celebration! If you’re ready to plan a winter birthday party, check out what we can offer at Sonny’s Place, then sit back and enjoy the season.