Looking For a Family-Friendly Wedding Venue?

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. When you are building your guest list, one of the first things to consider is whether or not you plan to include children at your wedding and reception. In the past, leaving children at home with a babysitter was the norm.

For modern weddings, it is equally as popular to make wedding receptions a family-friendly affair. A key to making your wedding an actual family event is to narrow down your choices of wedding venues to those that accommodate all types of guests.

Child-Friendly Menu

Wedding receptions are known for delicious catering, but if you have wedding guests that include children, it’s helpful to have tasty kid options on the menu. Some venues have separate child meal options. Others are willing to fix kid-friendly versions of the main catering meals.

Another option is to have a buffet of choices, so any children attending can make their own decisions about what to eat. Hungry kids are never happy kids, so providing kid-friendly food options helps everyone have a good time.

Age-Appropriate Seating

It’s no secret that children need to move around. If kids are present during the reception, having child-friendly seating available can reduce distractions and discomfort. Your youngest guests may need a stroller, so room to move around between tables is an added bonus.

Toddlers who still use high chairs should have them available for use. Since young children may need to get up to go to the bathroom more often, strategic seating charts or easy bathroom access are also recommended.

Kid-Friendly Music

If you know children will be attending your event, sticking to kid-friendly music should be considered in your plans. Many venues allow you to bring in your own music, whether a band or disc jockey, so you can choose all of the tunes on your playlist.

If your venue provides the music, make sure to ask if the music that appeals to all ages can be played. Choosing kid-friendly music doesn’t mean you have to play cartoon-themed songs, but the lyrics should be appropriate and the beats should make people from a variety of ages want to get up and dance.

Activities For the Kids

Wedding receptions can be prolonged, and the adults attending the wedding would like to be able to have a good time. It can be hard to keep children occupied for the entirety of a wedding reception, so having activities waiting for the kids can be a great distraction for them.

Depending on your venue, built-in kid activities may be available. Some venues have separate areas for the children, so if you include someone to watch the children, they can enjoy activities without parent supervision. If children and adults spend the reception together, consider putting together activity booklets for children to enjoy.

Due to the excitement of the event, the kids may want to spend their time running around. Ideally, a wedding venue will have space for kids to get their energy out. The best wedding venues for family-friendly events are those that are safe. This means no easy access to tall staircases or structures that can easily be climbed on or broken.

Book a Family-Friendly Wedding Venue

If your wedding party includes children, choosing a venue for your wedding can be a complicated process. For weddings, family parties and other large gatherings, check out Sonny’s Place as a fun and festive option.

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Image Credit: Shutterstock / sirtravelalot