The Top 9 Reasons You’re Never too Old for Laser Tag


You may remember laser tag fondly from childhood outings, birthday parties or class celebrations. However, laser tag isn’t just for kids.

If you haven’t been out for a game lately, you’re missing out. We’ve put together the top 10 reasons why laser tag is a fun, exhilarating activity for players of any age; after all, you’re never too old for laser tag.

1. Utilizing a fun way to get your exercise in.

In the adult world, you rarely get a chance to run, relax and play just for fun. Exercise should be enjoyable and uplifting but it too often becomes just one more item to check off from our to-do lists.

Playing a game of laser tag means jumping, moving, ducking – you’re getting your steps in, and more, without stressing or counting or measuring. Instead, you’re just focused on the thrill and excitement of the chase; you might end up playing and moving for hours without even noticing the time.

And, as an added bonus, carrying around your laser tag gear can help boost your endurance as well.

2. Building relationships through bonding experiences.

When we say laser tag is a bonding experience, that’s not just marketing speak. It’s science.

Research shows that trying new things together helps couples strengthen their bonds and feel more unified. Your brain releases chemicals that make new experiences feel more fun and rewarding, and that can help you feel closer to your partner as well.

Does that mean you should book a laser tag outing for your anniversary? Maybe or at least for date night. It’s worth trying (just make sure you bring home some roses too!).

3. Giving yourself a good dose of good medicine.

The old adage says that laughter is the best medicine and it’s true: just releasing your inhibitions and having fun feels so good.

When you’re taking laser tag really seriously, or when you observe your competitors doing the same, sometimes you pause and reflect on the ludicrousness of your intimidating attitude, and you just can’t help yourself. You have to laugh.

It’s the same when you experience the overwhelming euphoria that comes with winning a match; you just have to celebrate. Laughter soothes tension, relieves stress and increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body, all of which can leave you in a great mood and make your laser tag trip well worth your while.

4. Being the coolest parent ever.

You know who else loves laser tag besides awesome adults? Really awesome kids.

Taking your kids to laser tag with their friends is good; taking them and playing with them yourself is even better. You’ll both benefit from some of those bonding hormones.

Plus, earning a high five after a successful skirmish or getting your pre-teens/teenagers to open up to you on the car ride home – either of these is a parenting win and both are pretty priceless.

5. Focusing on team building.

At work, teams often become so close that they feel like family. And it’s important to cultivate those feelings because we all spend a high proportion of our waking hours with our coworkers.

To continue strengthening those relationships, consider a laser tag outing. Your team will appreciate the extra time outside the office, and it’s a lot more fun to gather together for a rousing round of laser tag than it is to sit around a conference table eating a boxed lunch and watching the latest workplace sensitivity seminar.

6. Preparing for the apocalypse.

If a zombie uprising occurs, you’re going to need to have your ducking, avoiding and destroying skills up to par.

It goes without saying that laser tag is a brilliant way to practice all those talents in a low-stakes environment, so you’re ready whenever you do actually need to banish the undead.

7. Meeting your soulmate.

“Their eyes met across a crowded laser tag arena. She had a clear shot but decided he was too cute to take it. She still won.”

How’s that for a meet-cute?

While you can’t tell everything about a person’s personality from a game of laser tag, you can tell a few things. First, they enjoy being active; second, they’re willing to try new things; and third, they must have a pretty good sense of fun and humor.

A word of warning – all’s fair in love and war (and laser tag), so don’t expect your potential soulmate to let you off easily when the battle’s on the line.

8. Ensuring weather-proof fun.

Being caged up in the house over the course of a weekend is not a good feeling, especially when you have kids who are longing to be physically active and taking out their aggressions on your furniture and possessions.

All of you, kids and adults included, could benefit from a laser tag outing to keep your spirits up and burn your energy off after a rainy, grey or chilly day.

9. Creating a family tradition.

Some families play Capture the Flag as a holiday tradition; some wear Ugly Christmas sweaters; some come to blows over an annual game of Monopoly.

If your family is reuniting over the holidays, inviting them to play laser tag can give them an experience they won’t forget. You’ll be forever known as the cool cousin, the one that planned a fun, unique outing that everyone will be talking about until your next annual family gathering.

With all these great reasons on your side, what’s stopping you from coming out to Sonny’s Place and enjoying a good, old-fashioned game of laser tag? You’re never too old for laser tag fun, and it never gets old taking time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.